Lease to Own Homes in Florida

Florida Rent to Own Homes

Whether through miscalculation or pure bad luck, many people find themselves with bad credit, perhaps because of foreclosure, a short sale, or bankruptcy. Or maybe they’ve simply relocated, been employed less than a year, or own their own businesses. All these things can make it difficult to get a mortgage and seemingly put homeownership far out of reach.

But it doesn’t have to be. A Lease with a Right to Purchase can provide an alternative path to home ownership. It allows you to stop throwing money away that’s onlygoing to rent and start building equity.

Florida Lease to Own

To rent to own a Florida home, you must first apply to a realtor’s rent to own program. If approval is granted, you’ll receive a pre-approval letter than includes the maximum allowable monthly rental amount.

The maximum allowable rental amount guides your real estate agent as he or she helps you find a suitable home. The Florida housing market offers a good quantity and selection of lease to own houses, and much of the time, they’re not distressed real estate. Many are fine houses in excellent condition.

Once you select it, the Florida rent to own home is purchased, and you get to lease it for up to five years without down payments or mortgage pre-qualifications. During those five years, you have the exclusive opportunity to buy the home, and if for some reason you don’t, you’ll get your security deposit back.


From submitting the application to moving in, the process takes six weeks on average.

Florida Lease to Own: The Bottom Line

If you want to own your own Florida home but have found that purchasing a house with traditional financing just isn’t working for you, the Lease to Own option is well worth considering.